Step 2 - Review and complete course curriculum.

The curriculum is divided into six lessons each of which consists of three sections:

  • a lesson overview, essentially a summary of the lesson's content to help you identify key items you should be familiar with upon completing the lesson.

  • a required reading, taken from the Hunter Education Student Manual or the Hunting Regulation Summary booklet. They may be viewed onscreen or in hard copy form should you prefer to work from a printed version of the manual. The readings are "core" curriculum and are a necessity for completing the course assignments and for preparing to write the Hunter Education Exam. And,

  • an assignment, which consists of the Independent Study Guide Exercises found at the end of each lesson in the Hunter Education Student Manual. There are six exercises in total, featuring 131 questions based on topics covered in the Hunter Education Student Manual. Assignments can be considered as lesson reviews and will prepare you for questions encountered when writing the Hunter Education Exam.

Step 3

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